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Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent, made up of fifty-five countries, and over 1 billion people. It also has the youngest population in the world with 50% of it's people being under 20 years old. With this said, this section aims to share Mama Africa's rich culture, passionate people, and amazing cities, so that you too can see what the continent has to offer.


Devices Brand


mi-Fone: The FIRST AFRICAN Mobile Devices Brand, has been reinventing the mobile market in Africa since 2008. We believe that it is a necessity, and not a privilege that our continent’s people have access to education and technology, so that’s why we set out to create “Aspiration…Within Reach”™

Making over 1.3 billion Africans “Mobile” is too large for one company to accomplish, but we believe we will empower over 100 million people with our affordable, yet innovative mobile devices.

mi-Fone currently has a footprint in over 15 countries throughout Africa, and will rapidly continue to grow over the next five years.


Together we can create "Aspiration...Within Reach."


mi-Fone TEAM


mi-Fone was founded in 2008 by Alpesh Patel. Our management team & advisory board brings an extensive knowledge base of Africa, Mobile Telecoms, and Technology. Our team members have worked with various companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola, Razorfish, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Phillips. With a team presence spanning over 5 countries, we have Africa covered.


  • Alpesh Patel
  • David Stoltz
  • Nikhil N. Patel
  • Nicolas Regisford
  • Alex Li
  • Dimple Hirani
    General Manager
  • Jay Gooly
    Technical & Service Manager
  • Moses Mbasu
    Social Media Strategist
  • Angela Harty
    Program Manager
  • Victor Wong
    Director of Industrial Operations
  • Deji Akinyanju
    Board Advisor
  • Robin Sharma
    Board Advisor
  • Rene Roberts-Patel
    Director (Mi-Fone S.A.)
  • Nelly Maletjema Magungo
    Director (Mi-Fone S.A.)





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Africa's smartest
"Pay as You Go" Card



Mi-Card is an innovative, general purpose reloadable card linked to a technically advanced, wallet/virtual account and payments solution supported and backed by Visa and powered by Diamond Trust Bank (DTB).Mi-Card is simple and easy to use with the added convenience of having both a globally accepted Visa branded card as well as a mobile phone application that allows you 24/7 access to your funds. As the Mi-Card is a prepaid card account it allows you to be in total control of your budget without the risk of overspending and the need to have it linked to a bank account.



MiCare is a mobile medical device that uses the android platform to provide access to invaluable healthcare resources such as health educational programing, clinical diagnostic tools and healthcare productivity programs.

Mi Phone is excited to embark on a journey into the emerging mHealth arena. In partnership with Mobile Diagnostic services (MoDiSe), we aim to use mobile technology to support the achievement of local health objectives. By using mobile phones as a vital medical device we can enable important features such as:

  • Patient monitoring,
  • Delivery of healthcare software applications and services,
  • Provide relevant appropriate health educational content.

There is now emerging evidence of the value of mHealth to deliver positive health outcomes for patient including medication compliance, encouraging healthy lifestyle, reducing risky sexual behavior, improving health workers’ compliance with treatment guidelines, and increasing access to health information.

Due to the vast popularity of mobile phones, mi-Fone now has an enormous potential to reach underserved populations. The launch of the mi-Fone mHealth initiative has the potential to improve access to healthcare, support public health data collection, and to educate populations on family planning and reproductive health services.

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